Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pillowfight for a Cause

Ladybird LnYou may have heard some of the bloggy buzz about the ladies over at Landybird Lane. Right now they're hosting a "pillowfight" where you can link up any pillow related post from your blog. For each link you add they're asking that you donate a homemade pillowcase. You can donate the pillowcase to a local hospital or women's shelter or you can send it in to them. If you send your pillowcase to them, they'll give it to their friend, Malynn, to donate to Primary Childrens Hospital in Salt Lake City.

Malynn is the mastermind behind this idea. She's 14 years old and a talented seamstress. She's been in and out of the hospital for the past 6 months and had a homemade pillowcase at the hospital with her. To brighten up the rooms of other patients and give them a more home-ey feel, they're hoping to get 100 pillowcases for Malynn to donate.

To help out with the cause, I made these two pillowcases.

I made the light pink and dark green stripes out of 1/2" double fold bias tape that I opened to 1" and ironed flat.

The edge of the pillow is made from a 10" strip that I folded in half so you would still see finished material from the pillow opening. Below you can see the inside (left) and the outside (right) of the edge of the pillow. I was able to hide some of the seams under the bias tape and any exposed raw edges I stitched up with my overcast foot to avoid fraying.

They're also giving away some amazing prizes as part of the pillowfight! They're accepting entries through midnight tonight here.